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We provide Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services. PCSBD is the best Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services in Dhaka. Sofa and Carpet cleaning for your Home or Office is a popular service among all others. PCSBD  is a best sofa & carpet cleaning service provider in Dhaka. We are always providing the best service solution for our customers as per all of their needs. We are highly skilled and have an expert team and exceptional skills with experience in the industry. We are the best sofa & carpet cleaning service provider in Dhaka.


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Best Sofa & Carpet Cleaners

We are the leading sofa & carpet cleaning service provider in Dhaka. Ever since we started this service, we have been serving various types of customer including residential, industrial etc. We are proud to say that we hold ample customers in Dhaka who are truly satisfied with our services. Our success lies in our priority given to our customers. From the moment we pick up the order, you will immediately know the difference. We serve a customized solution to each of our customers with great care. We use the best Sofa & Carpet cleaning without any side effects whatsoever which is eco-friendly. We are the best sofa & carpet cleaning service provider in Dhaka.

How Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Service Works

If you are searching for licensed, insured, and guaranteed sofa & carpet clean service in Dhaka, We are the best Sofa & Carpet service in Dhaka. We provide a professional, prompt and effective solution for Sofa & Carpet Cleaning. Our services are kind to our environment yet works effectively. We eliminate the pests from Sofa and carpet, also make sure to prevent any pest from entering your Sofa and Carpet ever again.

Here, a spotlessly clean kitchen environment gives relaxation and rest. A clean kitchen signifies your day is complete once you walk through the doors. A properly cleaned kitchen also gives you the spread of germs, helping to provide a safer kitchen environment for you and your family and others. When you’re balancing your life, long hours at the office, and other important aspects of your daily day routine, finding time to keep your house in order can be difficult.

Experienced Sofa & Carpet Cleaners

A Sofa & Carpet Cleaners is an important and essential service for a standard and clean lifestyle. To maintain a healthy and hygienic environment in human habitats, Sofa & Carpet must be controlled. We provide safe, effective environment-friendly services to control sofa & carpet cleaning in any type of homes, offices, warehouse etc. Our Services is a leading provider of the best sofa & carpet cleaning service provider in Dhaka.

We offer the most advanced cleaning treatment for Sofa & Carpet Cleaning. This service is safe, quick and effective. No need to take any hassle or need not to move. Our trained staff will apply advanced techniques and expert cleaning service for Sofa & Carpet. We provide the hassle free and professional Sofa & carpet Cleaning Service within your demands and comfort area.

We provide the best Sofa Clean with the help of the latest control technology. We have extensive experience in dealing with any cleaning problems. All of our workers are experienced and skilled in the application of cleaning treatment. The Sofa Clean applied at the correct dose and more and more importantly at the proper infected spots. We provide effective sofa cleaning.

Carpet Clean is not easy because there is so much dust and issues. If your home has lots of wall-to-wall carpeting that gets lots of traffic and stains, a carpet cleaner is a worthwhile investment. If you have the storage space, owning a machine is less costly over time compared to renting or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Plus, you’ll have the machine on-hand to tackle stains the minute they happen and to do regular maintenance cleanings to help your carpets stay looking better longer.

Our carpet cleaning machines for how well they clean pre-soiled carpet panels, how much moisture they leave behind, how long the carpets take to dry, and how easy they are to assemble, use, and store. We also test any attachments on upholstered furniture. Because we know that not all households have the same carpet cleaning needs, you’ll find recommendations from our cleaning experts for carpet cleaners that can tackle pet messes, are safe for area rugs, and fit in limited storage space. These are the top carpet cleaning machines.

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Best Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Service provides clean everything from light to heavy soil and the double brush rolls help draw even the deepest dirt out of carpets. If you need to clean in a hurry, fear not: Our Express Clean Mode had our test carpets clean and dry in only about one or two hour, one of the reasons it earned our Good Housekeeping Seal. And because the clean and dirty things are stacked the appliance has a slim design and low profile that’s easy to maneuver under furniture and to store. We’re all about less bulk!
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  • Within Budget
Renting a carpet cleaning machine may sound convenient, but when you factor in the coordination required to pick up the appliance and drop it off, the additional cost of cleaning solution, and remember that the rented machine is probably quite used you may want to spring for your own. Rolling up your sleeves and cleaning your carpets and sofa yourself will give your carpets & sofa a new life and give you the satisfaction of a super clean home.
Sofa & Carpet cleaners use a combination of specially formulated cleaning solutions and powerful brush heads to reach deep into your carpet pile, lifting grime and ground-in dirt away. In many cases, sofa & carpet cleaners also restore and lift carpet & sofa, leaving it looking refreshed and almost new.
We assess whether the floor is sodden, damp or completely dry after use. We inspect the sofa & carpet and upholstery pile to see if it has been restored and lifted, and we look at the colour of the carpet and sofa upholstery too. You will get your professional sofa & Clean service within your budget.

Service Information

  • Cleaning Hours :1-3 Hours
  • Number of Cleaners :02 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 06.00pm
  • Contact :+88 01711370709
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Frequently Ask Questions

We provide the best Sofa & Carpet Clean service in Dhaka maintaining all the Safety and Clean regulations. We ensure the safety of the equipment and knowledge to use the cleaning supplies. Most importantly, you will get the safety clean service which has the best Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Service in Dhaka.

When it comes to cleaning Sofa & carpet, we know how to provide the proper cleaning service for your place. Yes, all the Material and Equipment charges are included.  

Here we come to provide you the best Sofa & Carpet Clean service in Dhaka. Just give us a knock and contact through our contact options.

We provide all types of cleaning services. Likewise Regular Cleaning, Professional Cleaning, deep cleaning services. Which keeps people in the place dusted free, disinfected surfaces equal to fewer chances of getting sick or catching the infection.

Cleaners are important to fulfil your requirements. You need a professional and expert cleaners team that can keep it clean. Hire our best Sofa & carpet Cleaners and we will ensure that the work gets done in a timely manner properly.

You can pay through online or cash. After payment please make sure, you have received the money receipt. We served all types of cleaning services besides the Sofa & Carpet Cleaning. You may like to check them from our services features.

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