Sparkling Clean: A Guide to Keeping Your Bathroom Germ-Free

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Sparkling Clean A Guide to Keeping Your Bathroom Germ-Free


A. Irony of the bathroom being the dirtiest room in the home: it’s ironic that the bathroom is the room where we go to clean ourselves and yet it is often the dirtiest room in the home, harboring more germs than any other room by some considerable distance, most of these are in the toilet.

B. Importance of keeping the toilet clean and safe: To ensure that your toilet is clean and safe, it’s important to clean it regularly and use appropriate cleaning products and methods.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

Wearing disposable rubber gloves: Before attempting any cleaning jobs in the bathroom, it’s important to wear a pair of disposable rubber gloves to ensure that you keep contact with your skin from germs and cleaning fluid to a minimum.

Cleaning the Toilet

A. Using a bleach-based cleaning fluid: Cleaning the toilet is an essential job in the bathroom but is never a pleasant one but if it is carried out as frequently as it should be then it is not too bad. You should clean the toilet with a bleach based cleaning fluid as it is effective in killing germs and bacteria.

B. Start by cleaning the top of the cistern: You should start by cleaning the top of the cistern and work down the body of the cistern taking good care to make sure that the flush handle is thoroughly cleaned.

C. Cleaning the flush handle: The flush handle is an important part of the toilet and should be thoroughly cleaned using a bleach based cleaning fluid and a clean cloth.

D. Cleaning the lid of the toilet: Using a clean cloth, move onto the lid of the toilet, cleaning both the top side of the lid and the bottom. Again you should dispose of these cloths before moving onto the next step.

E. Cleaning the seat: The seat is next, both top side and underside are a haven for germs so ensure that plenty of cleaning fluid is used here.

F. Cleaning the rim of the toilet: The rim of the toilet can be disgustingly dirty so take good care on this section.

G. Cleaning the body of the toilet: Using a clean cloth, clean the body of the toilet making sure that you get right to the back of the pan as this area can be extremely dirty.

H. Cleaning the inner bowl: The final cleaning task is to clean the inner bowl, this is best done with a bleach based fluid and left to sit in the bowl for 30 minutes before flushing away.

I. Wiping off surfaces that come in contact with skin: Make sure that all of the bleach and cleaning fluid is wiped off of all surfaces that may come into contact with skin

J. Disposing of dirty cloths: Make sure that all dirty cloths are disposed of properly.

Cleaning the Shower

A. Start by removing the shower head: Most showers nowadays come with a detachable shower head that makes the whole cleaning job much simpler than in years gone by. Start by removing the shower head

B. Cleaning the body of the shower head: and immersing it in a bowl of hot soapy water and wiping it over with a clean cloth, you will be surprised how much dirt comes off!

C. Cleaning the jets: When you have cleaned the body of the shower head switch your attention to the jets, make sure that they are all clean, unblocked and working.

D. Cleaning the shower hose: Using a clean cloth, wipe the full length of the shower hose, clean out your cloth regularly if the. To get hassle-free clean toilet, let us know.

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